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Keeping your Car Cool in the Summer


Coolant Inspection

Keeping your vehicle cool is important for your comfort as you drive. In the summer during the heat and warm temperatures, you will want to make sure you keep your vehicle cool and comfortable. You will want to make sure to bring the vehicle in for regular maintenance inspections so that we can check it for any sign of issues or problems. This way we can look for anything that might be starting to wear out, and have it replaced before it fails completely.

Keeping the car cool

It is important to make sure that you do not overwork your vehicle on extremely hot days. Driving in heavy traffic while also having the air conditioner cranked to the highest fan can put extra strain and stress on your vehicle. Keeping the fan running at a comfortable speed or slightly lower will reduce the chance your vehicle will start to overheat. If steam comes from under the hood of the vehicle, make sure that you turn it off as soon as you can. Also remember to make an appointment to have it checked.

Temperature Gauge

It is important to pay attention to the temperature gauge on the dashboard of your vehicle. Keeping an eye on it alerts you to issues. If it starts to rise, then the engine could be getting too hot. When it gets into the red warning area, make sure to pull your vehicle over when you can, and turn the engine off so that the vehicle can cool down. During the summer, remember to check the coolant level in your vehicle. The indicator line that is on the reservoir can show the level. If it is too low, make sure to add more too it. Adding coolant often could indicate that there is a leak in the system. If you notice this, remember to contact us to schedule an appointment for your vehicle.


Regular Tire Maintenance for your Car


Regular tire inspections are needed. Having the tires properly inspected and maintained will have several benefits for you and your vehicle. Not only will it benefit your vehicle, but it also helps you to have a smooth and comfortable ride. Since the tires are the only part to have contact between the surface of the road and your car, you will want to make sure that they are in the best condition. Always make sure to check the air inflation of them. Before taking a long trip or driving a long distance, check the air pressure. Also remember to check the air when the vehicle has been sitting for several minutes. If you check the air pressure right after driving, you could get a false reading from the heat that is built up.

Also remember to have the tires aligned regularly. That helps the vehicle to travel straight when you drive. If you notice the vehicle pulling off in one direction when you keep the steering wheel straight, it could be caused by the tires. One reason could be if the tire is low on air pressure. Another reason it pulls could be poor alignment of the vehicle. If the tires are not aligned, then the tread will wear unevenly as well when you drive. This can result in the tires to be replaced sooner than they otherwise should. If the tread wears down, then the grip on the road will decrease as well.

Regular rotations

Check the tires to see when they need a rotation. This will help the tires to wear evenly on both sides, while also keeping the rubber in the best condition. If you are not sure when a tire rotation would be needed, make sure to contact us and we can advise a schedule for you.

Noises When you Apply the Brakes



Noticing brake noises should always be taken seriously. If you ignore it, then the vehicle will be less reliable and safe when you drive. Make sure to have the brakes inspected on a regular basis so that we can check how all the parts are working, and also wearing. We can also advise when regular maintenance should be done for the brakes. If you notice any issues with the brakes, such as an odd noise, make sure to contact us to schedule an appointment.

Noises from the brakes

You may notice noises that include the brakes making a squealing noise when you apply them. This could mean that the brake pads have worn and are in need of being replaced. They will start to wear against the brake rotors, thus making the squealing or screeching noise. You may also notice a rattle noise as the brake pads start to wear down and wear against the brake rotor. Any other noise that you hear when driving should always be brought to our attention. Contact us to schedule an appointment for your brakes.


There might also be a knocking noise from the brakes. This happens when the brake pads rattle in the brackets. You can determine this if you apply the brakes lightly going over a pothole or bump in the road. If the noise does not occur, the brake pads will be moving. It is always best however, to get a professional opinion.


Notice how the vehicle handles as well when you apply the brakes. Sometimes you may notice the vehicle swerves or jerks suddenly in one direction or the other. This could mean there is an issue with the brake system. It could also mean there is a steering issue. We can test drive the vehicle and inspect it for what the cause may be. Having the vehicle maintained can help keep you safe on the road.

We Must Be Doing Something Right…



Lloyd’s Automotive has earned the respect of thousands of vehicle owners since 1947. We have also earned many awards for the quality of our work and the positive comments people make about their experience at Lloyd’s Automotive. We understand that customers are our greatest asset, and awards can come and go, but we wanted to share with you some of the awards that Lloyd’s Automotive has earned in recent years:


AAA Top Shop 12 times…this is an award that is presented when AAA members submit reviews to AAA about their experience at Lloyd’s Automotive. We have to receive a 95% or higher customer satisfaction rating from AAA members. We also have to meet several facility requirements.


4.7 rating on Facebook…a big thank you to all of you that have shared your positive experience on Facebook. Our reviews have quickly become the number 1 reason that new customers are choosing Lloyd’s Automotive.


5.0 stars on Yelp…much like Facebook, Yelpers have been very supportive of Lloyd’s Automotive’s approach to the business of car repair.


Over 100 reviews on Google with a 4.8 rating…Google is the largest factor in new customers choosing Lloyd’s Automotive.


Next-Door Neighborhood recommendations…this is a newer service, but we are very thankful to our neighbors who live in and around the Grand Avenue area that have recommended Lloyd’s Automotive as their favorite auto repair facility.


ASE Blue Seal…There are auto repair facilities that are ASE and there are a select few who are ASE Blue Seal. The Blue Seal means that Lloyd’s Automotive recruits the best employees, constantly support their training, and insist on having the best equipment available in our shop.


Most of these awards are a result of the support, feedback, and reviews provided by our customers. Thank you!! We will never take any customer for granted and we appreciate all the feedback.



Oil Changes are part of Regular Maintenance to Follow for your Vehicle


Why oil changes are important for your vehicle

Oil changes should never be ignored, or forgot about when you own a vehicle. Keeping your vehicle properly maintained is important for the overall longevity. Following regular maintenance tasks are able to help keep the vehicle operating as efficiently as possible. You can check the vehicle owner’s manual to see when certain tasks should be done for your vehicle. Tire alignments, rotations, oil changes, and inspections are needed. Also you will notice that the fluids in your vehicle may need to be changed or flushed. Oil changes should be part of this as well. The oil will help keep the engine running at the best performance it can. If you are not sure how often certain maintenance should be done for your vehicle, you can also contact us. That way we can help get the vehicle on a schedule that will help the efficiency and performance of it.

Engine Performance

Oil changes are needed in order to keep the engine operating efficiently for the vehicle. This will properly lubricate the engine so it runs smoothly. Older oil will make it difficult for the engine to operate smoothly when you drive. You may also start to hear noises or odd sounds from under the hood. If there is a clunking noise, make sure to schedule an appointment with as soon as possible. This way if there is a part that is failing, we can inspect and repair it before it becomes worse. If you ever suspect an issue, always make sure to contact us as soon as possible.

Extra Oil

Remember to have extra oil in your vehicle incase you run low when driving. That way you will be able to add some to the reservoir and reduce the chance of damaging the engine of your vehicle. If the dashboard warning light comes on, make sure to have this looked at as soon as possible. If the light starts to blink, the vehicle should be shut off as soon as you can. Then try restarting it after the vehicle has been turned off for a few minutes. If you run the vehicle without oil in it, you can end up in the engine failing.

Having the Best Visibility Possible when you drive



After a long winter, you may need to replace the windshield wipers. This is because during the winter, the wipers will operate at removing ice, snow, and frost. They will even go over ice chunks that could rip or damage the blades. If this continues without being replaced, then the wipers will no longer be efficient at clearing the windshield. When there is an issue with the wipers, you will start to notice that they chatter or vibrate against the windshield. This will also indicate that the wipers are not properly operating against the windshield. You can also notice that there are smear marks on the windshield as well.

Improve the Visibility by Cleaning the Windshield Wipers

Ideally the windshield wipers should be changed every six months or after summer and winter. This way you can help ensure that the wipers are always in the best condition and able to operate and clear the windshield effectively. You should also make sure to check the rear wiper of the vehicle if there is one. By inspecting the rear wiper, you can help to ensure the best visibility as you look behind too. The wipers can become damage just by sitting outside as well. The sun can cause the rubber portion of the wiper to dry out and crack.


You should also make sure to check the windshield washer fluid in your vehicle as well. This should also be at the proper amount indicated on the reservoir. If you notice that the fluid is going low, often, make sure to schedule an appointment with us. That way we can inspect it for any leaks or damage to the system. If there is any issue, always make sure to have it repaired as soon as possible so it prevents further cost and issues.

Why Potholes can Damage your Vehicle



The potholes on the roads can lead to extensive and costly repairs if you are not careful when driving. You will want to make sure that if you see a pothole, try and avoid it. You will also want to be aware of any traffic or people around you. Do not swerve from hitting a pothole if it increases the chance of an accident by going into another lane. It is hard to determine the depth of a pothole as well. Sometimes the pothole may be shallow, while other times it may be deep. If you do have to hit a pothole, make sure you approach it at a slower speed. This will allow you to go slowly over the pothole to help avoid damage and issues to your vehicle.

If you hit a pothole

If you do hit a pothole, make sure to check your vehicle over as soon as you stop. This should include checking the tires, rims, and overall condition of your vehicle. Depending at the angle and speed you hit a pothole at, there can be significant damage done to the vehicle. You will want to make sure that the tires do not have any damage to them. This will also include making sure there are no bulges to the sidewalls of the tires. If there is a bulge, it can increase the chance of the tire blowing or an accident.

Check the vehicle

Whenever hitting a pothole, always make sure to contact us and schedule an appointment. This way we can inspect the vehicle for you to help ensure the tires and vehicle are in the best condition possible. If there is an issue, you will want to have it fixed as soon as possible so it does not cause further damage to your vehicle. By having the vehicle inspected, you can increase the safety as you drive.

Brake Care for your Car


Brake Care

Proper maintenance and brake care is always important for your car. No matter what time of the year it is, regular inspections should be followed. This will help to make sure that your vehicle can operate efficiently when you drive. If there is an issue with the vehicle, having it inspected can help decrease the chance of it becoming worse in the long run. Remember to never ignore issues or regular maintenance. Ignoring the problem will only cause it to become worse with time. This will also result in a costly repair bill, as well as other parts starting to wear and fail.

Brake System

The brake system for your vehicle should be inspected on a regular basis. The brakes are made up of several parts that will work together in order to stop the vehicle. The brake pads, brake rotors, brake fluid, and other parts will need to be inspected each time the brakes are fully checked. When the brake pads start to wear out, then the brake rotors will wear down as well. You might notice this by any odd noises that occur. A squealing noise or sound that sounds like it is metal to metal can indicate an issue.

Brake Fluid

You will want to also make sure that there is enough brake fluid in your vehicle before you drive. If there is not any brake fluid, then the brakes will not respond when you apply the pedal. You may also have brake fluid that leaks from the vehicle as you drive or apply the brakes. The best thing that you can do is bring it in for us to look at it. Also make sure you are aware of how the vehicle handles, and if anything is out of the norm with it as you drive.

What to Check on the Tires


The tires are an important part of your vehicle to inspect. There are a few things that you should look at. Make sure they are properly inflated. If a tire is too low, it has a greater chance of blowing out. When a tire is over inflated, then it is more prone to pick up sharp objects on the road. The vehicle owner’s manual can advise you on how much air each tire should have. You can also contact us and we can advise you on the amount as well. If you are unsure about the air pressure reading, you can also schedule an appointment and we can inspect it.

Check the Tread

Also you will want to check the tread of the tires. The tread will help grip the surface of the road as you drive. This results in good handling of the vehicle. If the road is wet or slick, you will want good tread so you can keep control of the vehicle. If you start to notice the vehicle swerves, check the tread. Take a penny and place it upside down in the groove. If you see the top of Lincoln’s head, then the tread is too low.  If you notice uneven tread wear, then a tire rotation can be beneficial. This will help make sure that the tread is wearing evenly all the way around the tire.


Another important thing is to check the tires for any bulges or cracks. If the tires have hit something, you may notice a bulge starting to form on the sidewall. This can eventually lead to the tire blowing out and resulting in an accident. If you notice any issue, make sure to bring the vehicle as soon as possible so we can inspect it for you.

Improving Visibility as You Drive


As you drive, always make sure that you can see as best that you can. This will help you to be aware of any other drivers, objects, and the road. The windshield will need to be inspected carefully. Make sure it is free of any cracks or chips. A small crack or chip can eventually lead to a larger and much worse one. A crack may only be tiny now, but eventually it will start to expand. In some severe cases, it will cover the length of the windshield. This will then make the windshield weak. As it gets weaker, it runs the risk of a danger to you and your passengers. Remember not to push or touch the crack or chip, as sometimes this will make it worse.

Windshield wipers

Another part that helps your visibility are the windshield wipers of your vehicle. If there is any precipitation or road grime on the road, the wipers will help remove it from the windshield. If the wet debris dries, you will have marks on the windshield that impairs your visibility. Having the windshield wipers operate will help remove this and help you see better. If you notice that the wipers are not cleaning or clearing away efficiently, it may be time for new ones. Over time the wipers can deteriorate and will need to be replaced. If you are not sure what windshield wiper to buy or you are having problems replacing them, we can do that for you.

Rear windshield wiper

The rear windshield wiper should also be inspected. This will clear the rear windshield so your visibility is good as well. Most times it is often forgotten about, so make sure to check it. This will also improve the visibility if you need to see behind you quick or back up.

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