The winter weather means anything from sleet to snow, and sometimes ice. While the weather can change minute to minute, you will want to make sure your vehicle is ready for that. Make sure to bring it in for regular maintenance and inspections. If you are not sure when these should be done, contact us. We will advise you on the options that you have. Also, we can make a recommendation of a schedule you should follow.

Check the fluids

Getting ready for the winter weather means that you should check the fluid levels under the hood as well. By making sure you follow the oil change schedule, you can help keep the engine operating efficiently and smoothly. With every other oil change, it is a good idea to have the oil filter changed as well. This way it will always be able to remove any pollutants or dirt that could be in the oil of your vehicle. When the filter is clean and removes them, it prevents them from getting into the engine. Also remember to check the other fluid levels in your vehicle, including the transmission or brake fluid as well.

How the weather affects the tires

Also remember that you will be driving on snow this winter, so you will want to check the tires. If the tires are not properly inflated, you can increase the chance of damage or issues. As it gets cold, air may start to leak out of the tires. This will cause the tires to become low and increase the chance of blowing out. Along with checking the air pressure, you will also want to look at the tread wear on them. During the winter, roads can become slick. Having the proper tread will help keep good control of your vehicle as you drive. If you are not sure if the tread is correct, we can check it for you.