Owning and driving a vehicle requires maintenance. Bring the vehicle in regularly so we can inspect it for you. You can also check it between visits to ensure that the parts are in the most efficient condition possible for when you need to drive it. Check the blades for any rips or tears that they might have. If the blades are in a less than ideal condition, it could lead to smear or smudge marks on the windshield. This can also lead to poor visibility. Also make sure that the wipers are operating effectively, they should clear the windshield in a line that clears away dirt and debris from your line of vision. If you notice the arm of one of the blades is bent, make sure to bring the vehicle in.



Also make sure that the windshield wiper fluid is topped off in the reservoir. By having enough wiper fluid, you can help to ensure the windshield will be cleaned off when you need it to be. It is also advised to keep extra washer fluid in your vehicle incase the reservoir becomes low.


The wipers are important for your visibility and safety when you drive. They will clear away any sleet, snow, or rain that might develop on your windshield. If the rain starts to turn to ice, turn the defroster on to help melt it and clear it away. If it becomes too difficult to see properly, always make sure you pull over to avoid an accident or hitting something. If you notice that the wipers no longer clear the windshield, it is recommended to get a new set as soon as possible. By having efficient wipers, you will be able to see better when you drive, helping to avoid accidents, other cars, or objects in the road. If you are not sure what type of wipers you will need, make sure to bring the vehicle in, and we can advise you on what ones are best for you.