When you check the tires on the vehicle, make sure to check them regularly. This will include the regular tires plus the spare tire. If you notice a disturbance or shimmy in how the vehicle is handling, make sure to bring the vehicle in as soon as you can.


Tires are Affected By the Temperature

The tires are also affected by temperature. When it is cooler out, they will lose pressure. If it is warmer, the air pressure will actually expand. Make sure the vehicle has been at rest for awhile before you check the air pressure in them. Also we can inspect the air pressure and let you know what the correct amount is.

How long a Flat Spot Lasts

A flat spot is a tire that is no longer perfectly round. This can occur if the vehicle has sat in one spot for a long length of time. This will end up damaging the tires, while also causing other parts to have issues. Some things could rust or have corrosion on them. When a vehicle is not used on a regular basis, it will lead to issues in the long run. Also resulting in an unreliable vehicle.

Minimizing the Damage to the Tires

When storing a vehicle for more than a few weeks, it is best to drive the vehicle until it is thoroughly warmed up and then immediately put it up on blocks after arriving at the storage location. Doing this takes the load off of the tires completely. Having the tires perfectly round is important.