When Noises Occur for the Vehicle

When noises start to occur from the vehicle, make sure to contact us. No matter if the problem is big or small, it is always important to have it inspected immediately. This will help save money on a costly repair bill, as well as helping make sure other parts and components are not damaged. If a clunking noise happens when you apply the brakes, the brake pads may have worn completely. When a clunk occurs when you are driving over bumps, there could be a suspension issue. Another issue could be the exhaust is loose. If there is a clunk noise when taking a corner, make sure that the wheels and tires are inspected. This could be an indication of a wheel bearing going out.

Grinding Noise can Occur when the Transmission has issues

Also be aware of a grinding noise from the vehicle. This can indicate an issue with the shafts and gears in the transmission. If this sound is from under the vehicle, it could be low on oil. A CV joint or wheel bearing can also cause the grinding noise you hear. If it is noticeable when applying the brakes, it could be a worn brake pad. If the metal is grinding on the pads and rotors, you will hear it as it gets louder. Another indication is that the brakes will not work as well as they otherwise should be. 

A hissing type noise can indicate a fluid leak from the vehicle, especially if it is coming from the engine. This could be the coolant leaking onto the engine block or exhaust manifold of the vehicle. When accelerating, listen for any hissing noises as well. This could indicate a vacuum leak from one of the small hoses around the engine’s air intake. No matter what the vehicle does when the noise is noticed, make sure to contact us.