To have a proper working vehicle, the battery should be in proper working order as well. A battery that has a clean connection and is fully charged can help benefit you and your vehicle. If the battery is starting to get weak and it is hard to start your vehicle, this may be an indication your battery is starting to fail. When you bring your vehicle in for regular scheduled maintenance inspections, a battery test can be done to determine what condition your battery is in. We will also provide you with some options and recommendations.

Why it is important to keep the battery clean

The most important thing you can do to help maintain your battery is to make sure it is clean. It is equally important to make sure all of the battery’s components are clean and clear as well. If the battery is showing signs of corrosion, a replacement may be needed in the near future. If any dirt or debris on the battery starts to form, it may cause the battery to drain. This is especially common in tight spaces of the battery. It is also important to clean the terminals of the battery where the connections are. The harness clamps should also be looked at and cleaned if needed. During a regular scheduled maintenance, we can inspect and clean the battery for you, which can be helpful as we may notice areas that you cannot see or have forgotten to look at.

Making sure the battery is holding a charge

An important part to a well working battery is to make sure it is holding a charge properly and efficiently. You should have your battery brought in to have it tested if you start to notice that your vehicle is starting slow, or does not start at all. It is possible to have a battery that is overcharged, which will result in it not working as well or efficient as it should be. This can be hard to diagnose because an overcharged battery will act like a battery that is losing power. By brining it in, we can help to determine what the issue with the battery might be.

The importance of a battery for your vehicle

Without the battery for your vehicle, you will not even be able to start your vehicle. It is important to know that the summer’s heat will end up doing more damage to your vehicle’s battery than the winter actually does. This is because the heat will react with the chemicals in the battery, which may result in the battery losing charge or failing all together. If your battery fails when you are traveling, it can be a stressful and inconvenient issue. By keeping the battery in good condition and making sure it, as well as all of its components, is clean you can help to preserve the life of the battery as long as you can. If you are experiencing any issues with starting your vehicle or the battery losing charge, bring your vehicle in so we can inspect the battery to see what the issue might be.