If you are looking for a new or used vehicle, there are several choices you might have to make. If you want a car, pickup, or van is where most people will start. You can also choose from two or four wheel drive. This is typically dependent on where you will be driving, and what you feel comfortable with. Some people like four wheel drive because they can travel off road or go through road conditions that might be poor. Other people do not like four wheel drive because they feel it is too powerful for them.

Differences Between Four Wheel Drive and Two Wheel

There are a few subtle differences between four wheel drive vehicles and two wheel drive vehicles. The subtle differences include that the tires might be of a higher quality and tread pattern. While this might not sound like a big deal, it is when you go to replace the tires. This is because the cost will typically be higher. Since you are buying a four wheel drive vehicle it is assumed you will be traveling over rugged terrain and needing the thicker tread. Another difference in the four wheel drive is the amount of fuel it uses. Even when you do not have the vehicle in four wheel drive, the engine will burn more gas because of the engine set up. Vehicles that travel over rugged terrain will usually need a more powerful engine to get through, therefore the gas to power it will be higher. When you drive short distances you might not realize how often you are filling up, but when you commute a distance to work and drive around a lot, the miles will add up quickly.

Benefits of Four Wheel Drive

Four wheel drive can be very beneficial. This includes if you live in the country where snow will drift and pile up in a short amount of time. Sometimes the country roads will not get plowed until later in the day. This will make it up to you to find your way to work.

Added Control on the Roads

Driving a four wheel drive vehicle on snowy roads will give you a bit more control. Remember to drive carefully when the roads are icy. We can also advise you on the different options you have, as well as helping decide what type of vehicle is best for you.