The transmission is important for the overall way your vehicle operates. If the transmission starts to show signs of an issue, make sure to bring it in. This way we can look the vehicle over for why there is an issue. We can also repair or replace the parts as needed. If you are not sure how often transmission care should happen, we can advise you on a schedule you can follow. This will help the vehicle to be reliable when you need to drive.


You will want to be aware of any noises you hear. A clunking could be the transmission having an issue, or slipping in gears. This noise is not typical, so you will want to make sure you bring it in so we can inspect it for you. You may notice a noise when you change from Reverse to Drive. This can also indicate that the transmission is starting to go out and is need of a repair.


You will also want to check the transmission fluid on a regular basis. It should be bright red in color. If the fluid is dark in color, you should bring your vehicle in so we can have it replaced. If the fluid is needing to be replaced, there is a leak in the system. You will want to make sure this is taken care of before a much larger issue happens to your vehicle.

Also be aware of the transmission dashboard warning light. When this illuminates there is an issue that will need to be checked. If the light blinks, you will want to turn your vehicle off. If you keep it running, you will end up doing more damage to the transmission and your vehicle as well.