A spare tire is designed for your vehicle when you can no longer drive on one of the regular tires. On a regular basis, make sure to bring your vehicle in for general maintenance inspections. This way we can check the various parts and components of the vehicle to ensure that they are in the best condition. If something is starting to wear down, you want to have it replaced or repaired as soon as you can. You can check to see when regular maintenance is needed by checking the owner’s manual of the vehicle. Another option is to contact us, and we can advise a schedule for you.


One part to check is each tire of the vehicle. Along with this, you should include the spare tire. The spare tire will be needed if one of the other tires blows out. Make sure that the spare tire has enough air in it. The last thing you will want is to pull out the tire, and it is flat. When there is enough air in the tire, you will be able to reach a place to have the tire fixed or your home. If you are checking the air in the regular tires, take a few extra moments and check the spare as well.

Spare Tire Driving

You will want to follow tips on how to drive on the spare tire as well. Make sure to not drive over 50 miles on it. Driving too long on it can increase the chance of damage in the long run to it. You will also notice that your vehicle is handling poorly on the road after awhile as well. Driving on it too many miles can also result in damage to the spare. Also remember to drive less than 50 miles per hour. If you drive at a faster speed, the spare tire will not rotate the same as the others. Make sure to contact us with any issues you might have as well.