To have a vehicle moving smoothly down the road, it requires a lot of moving parts to work together. If one of those parts starts to slip or else fail, then the rest of the parts are in danger of failing. One of those important first steps in order for a car to smoothly travel down the road includes the fuel injector. If the fuel cannot be injected properly to start the engine when it fires, then you are out of luck right away. The fuel injector needs to be cleaned regularly to ensure it works to the best of its ability to get your car to start correctly each and every time you need it to.


Know what a Fuel Injector is

The fuel injector is the part that physically injects the fuel in to the pistons in an effort to fire the engine up. If the fuel does not get put in with the pistons to fire and start the car, then you will not move anywhere. A car will not run without its fuel source creating a combustion reaction to power the engine. The only way to get around a car needing a functioning fuel injector is if you have an electric car and can start it from the battery charge and not a fuel source. Even bio-diesel fuels require a fuel injector to move the fuel through to the engine and within the pistons to get it running.

Fuel Injector Issues

The fuel injector can malfunction for no reason at all, just like any other part on the car or truck you are driving. It can break down and need replacing because piece broke off or it simply ran out of life. Another reason why a fuel injector might fail to work is if it gets gummed up. Older vehicles that have never had the fuel injector cleaned are at a higher risk for this happening. But it is an easy fix if you know what to do or tell your ASE master technician to do during maintenance checks of your vehicle. There is an additive that can be added in to the gas tank that is meant to clean the fuel injector from all of the dirt and pollutants. Read the directions carefully on the bottle and only do it when instructed. Fill the gas tank to the level where it is supposed to be at on the directions before pouring the fuel injector cleaner inside.

Cleaning the Fuel Injector

The age of your car and the manufacturer might have recommendations for how often to have the fuel injector cleaning fluid added to your engine. It might be once a year for casual to moderate driving. It might be more than once a year if you are a heavy driver or commute through heavy traffic each day of the year. Check with the manufacturer of your particular car and see how often they recommend the cleaning if you are in doubt but feel like your engine could perform a little better.