When you decide to purchase vehicle, one decision you will have to make is if you want one with automatic or manual transmission. Deciding whether to purchase a vehicle with an automatic or manual transmission can be tricky because there are pros and cons to both. It is necessary that you evaluate your needs before buying either type of vehicle to make sure that you are making a good decision both monetarily and practically. If you are constantly multitasking in the car, it might be safer for you to purchase an automatic transmission. Understanding the basic differences between the different styles of transmissions is the first place to begin when doing research. A manual transmission is shifted by the driver of the car while an automatic is shifted automatically as the engine speeds up. This means that an automatic transmission is more complicated, and therefore more expensive, than a manual transmission. Power, maintenance, fuel economy, and operation are also elements that you should consider when making this type of decision.


The Cost can Vary

If you want to save money up front on the cost of the car, and over time, it might be a good idea to choose a manual transmission. Manual transmissions are generally less expensive than automatics because they have fewer parts and are easy to install in a vehicle. In fact, manuals are often placed in stock cars that have not had any, or many, upgrades from the factory. You can save approximately one thousand dollars up front by choosing a manual over an automatic. Mechanics also charge less to fix most manual transmissions because they are not as complex as automatic transmissions. Many mechanics are familiar with manual transmissions because they are relatively easy to work on, while certain automatic vehicles need a specialized mechanic. If money is not an issue you should choose a vehicle based upon other factors, but if you are worried about overall costs a manual can save you money.

The Transmission Power is Important

In most cases a manual transmission gives you greater control over the power of the vehicle than an automatic transmission. This is because you can change the gear in a manual whenever you want, allowing the engine to rev up higher first. When speeding up quickly this allows you to go a little faster than if you did not have control over the gears. Mufflers can help ensure that manual transmissions do not get too loud when you are speeding along, and solid suspension systems are also important in racing cars.

What Type of Driving you will Do

A manual transmission is more difficult to drive than an automatic because you have to be more engaged in the driving process at all times. Some people love this while others prefer to be able to multitask or be more relaxed on the road. In addition, some manual transmissions have better fuel economy while others do not. It is important to compare specifications for fuel before making a decision.