In the winter, there are several things you should remember. The first is that the winter roads can be slick, no matter what the weather is. Sometimes even just a little amount of frost can make the roads slippery. You will want to make sure that you are aware of what the condition of the roads might be. If the weather is less than ideal, then so are the roads. Make sure to drive a speed which you are comfortable at. This will help you to keep control of the vehicle, and not stress about everything. Also keep a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. Typically is should be about three seconds. In less than ideal conditions, the amount should be doubled or tripled. This allows you enough time to stop if you need to suddenly.

Allow Time

You will also want to allow extra time when traveling. This is because if the roads are poor, then you will need to drive slower to also stay safe. The windshield and windows will also need to be scraped off before you go. Sometimes that can take a few seconds, while sometimes it can take quite a few minutes. It is determined by if there is a large build up of ice and snow on your vehicle. To help speed things up, you can start the vehicle and turn the heater to defrost. This will help warm up your vehicle, while also assist in warming up the windshield. You will want to check the side mirrors to ensure they are scraped clear as well, before you drive.

Tank filled

Also make sure your vehicle is over half full of fuel. This is important incase you go in the ditch. You will want to stay as warm as you can while help is on the way. Keeping the tank over half full will help you to be ready to drive.