sunYou will be surprised to find out just how hot your car can get after only a couple of minutes under the sun. Coming back to a car that has been roasting under the sun is very difficult. Since a car does not exactly have insulating properties, this result in every part of the car’s interior to be burning hot. Hence, if you want to make sure not to come back to a car that is piping hot, then it is best to abide by some protocols.

Do not Leave Anything on the Dashboard.

Your dashboard is the worst place to keep any items when your car is under direct sunlight. The dashboard receives the most direct sunlight than any other interior of your car. Therefore, you have to be careful before leaving anything on the car’s dashboard.

Some items such as electronics or batteries will react dangerously to the intense heat. Moreover, the heat will also melt just about all items you leave on the dashboard. The risks of fire are also very can escalate into the whole car ending up in flames.

Put Metallic Sunshades on Your Windshields

If you reside at a hotter region, then you having metallic sunshades are a necessity. The sunshades provide your windshields with a reflective surface that helps reflect the sunlight away from the car instead of penetrating inside.

If you do not have shades, then you can also use a towel and lay it down on the dashboard and steering wheel. Some people will also dampen the towel slightly when the temperature gets unbearably hot. However, finding sunshades is very easy, and you can get them for both, the front and the rear windshield of your car.

Park in the Shade and out of the Sun

The shade should be your most desirable parking spot in the summer. When looking for one, always be searching for a nice tree, or a shaded area behind a wall. Nevertheless, be wary of parking under a tree because summer is the time many trees will be bearing fruits and so you can expect some resin to fall on top of your car. If you do not find a few drops of tree residue such as leaves or fruits then this should not be a problem for you.

In some cars, these sticky fruits can damage and varnish a car’s paint job. When this happens, it is important that you wash the car very quickly or else the stain will tend to linger on due to the heat. The best ways to wash it off is by using a liquid or a soap solution.

These products can also help you wash off some of the bug residue on your car, along with bird feces. Use a microfiber cloth and make sure that you keep steady hands without rubbing it with too much pressure.

Above are some of the essential protocols to follow when parking your car on a hot summer’s day. Following them allows you to prevent your car from damages, and protect yourself from conditions such as heat stroke.