During the summer months, it is important to have an emergency kit, just incase there is an unexpected breakdown. While going to regular maintenance can help prevent issues from happening, you will always want to be prepared. If you are not sure when regular maintenance should be done, check the owner’s manual. We can also help advise when the maintenance should be done for it. These can include things like checking the tires, fluids, as well as a bumper to bumper inspection. If you are driving on vacation, make sure to be prepared for anything that could possibly happen with the vehicle.

Summer Emergency kit

In the emergency kit, make sure to have a flashlight. This will come in handy if you have to look for something in the vehicle, or outside as well. If you have a breakdown when driving when it is dark, a flashlight will be one of the most important items. Also make sure that there are items for changing and putting on a spare tire. Having a jack, wrench, and spare tire are all critical for making sure that the spare tire can be changed quickly.


Also remember that having hazard signs or flares can be beneficial in the emergency kit. Set these out if the vehicle is pulled over on the side of the road. That way other vehicles that are driving by will see them, and pull over to the other lane. If they cannot switch lanes, at least they are aware and will be able to slow down as they approach your car. This is especially important if it is along the side of an interstate or highway. Remember too to put an extra phone charger in the vehicle. This will allow any cell phone to be charged up so you can call for assistance if there is a breakdown.