You may have heard the term power steering, but you may not know what it exactly is. The power steering is what helps turn the wheels of the vehicle, when you turn the steering wheel. When you move the steering wheel of your vehicle, a micro processing chain of action takes place. This sends information from the steering wheel, to the wheels on the vehicle. This information is the speed, and the direction of the turn. Once this information is sent, a sensor determines how much power assist you will need to complete the turn. All of this happens in a tiny fraction of a second that seems completely instantaneous. If you notice that there is an issue when you try and turn the vehicle, make sure to contact us so we can look at the power steering. The power steering is important because if it is poor, it can increase the chance for an accident to occur.


Without suspension, your drive down the road would feel different. For instance if you were driving down a bumpy road, your car would jostle up and down. It would also not move well to the contours of the road, causing serious steering issues. The suspension helps your vehicle to turn properly and without incident, stay in contact with the road, and absorb or isolate the shocks of poor road conditions. All of these allow you to drive. Without a suspension system, or with a poor suspension system, driving is more difficult. When you notice an excessive amount of bumps that is an indication there is an issue with the suspension system.


Having good steering and suspension can help make driving more pleasant. You will be able to turn when you need to, as well as ride in a comfortable vehicle after hitting a bump. If the vehicle becomes too hard to steer or turn, make sure to contact us so we can inspect the steering and other parts for you. Having a safe and comfortable ride is important for you and your passengers.