Having your vehicle inspected is important. We can check the parts and components of the vehicle to ensure they are in the best condition. When you drive in the summer, heat expands the air in the tires and makes your cooling system work harder. The harsh sun can accelerate wear on hoses and drive belts.


You will want to make sure you check the air pressure for the tires. The tires need to be inflated to ensure proper care and condition of the vehicle. Depending when you check the tires can also affect the vehicle and how it handles. You will want to check the pressure when the tires are cold, so the morning is usually the best time. To help improve the mileage, the tires should be inspected as well. When they are properly filled, you will notice an increase in the efficiency of it as well. Anytime you notice a decrease, you will want an inspection done.


Also remember to check the air conditioner. You will need the air-conditioner in the summer months. Run the air conditioner for some time to see if it still blows cold air. Pay attention to any strange noises or odors. The system may need cleaning, have a leak or need to be recharged. You can also bring the vehicle in and we can inspect the air conditioner for you.