When you drive, there is a lot you should pay attention to. One of the things is what sound or noises you might hear coming from your vehicle. These will be indications that something is wrong with your vehicle. Sometimes it can be something minor, while other times it can mean a larger more expensive fix. The best precaution you can take is to bring the vehicle in on a regular basis for proper maintenance inspections. This way we can inspect the vehicle. A bumper to bumper inspection will help locate any issue or problem that might be occurring for your vehicle. If you ignore these sounds, the problem with eventually get worse and lead to an expensive repair bill.

Brake Noises

A noise coming from your brakes will indicate an issue with them. This can include anything from needing a little more brake fluid, to a full brake job needing to be done. When you bring the vehicle in, we will be able to locate what the issue is. You might hear a clunk-clunk noise when you apply the brake pedal. Another noise that your brakes can make is a squealing noise. This happens when a part will start to wear on another. It is mostly caused by the brake pads and rotors. As the brake pads wear, there will be metal to metal connection with the rotors. This will then result in the squeal noise you hear coming from your brakes.

Grinding Noise

You might hear a grinding noise from your vehicle if there is an issue with power steering. As you turn the vehicle, you may find it more difficult to do so. There may also be a grinding noise or low rumble. This could mean that the power steering is going out, or that the fluid is low. Since this can be difficult to diagnose, it is always recommended that you bring your vehicle in. We can find the source of the issue, and make sure it is repaired as quickly as possible.