When inspecting your vehicle, also remember to be aware of things that you may not visually see. This includes the suspension system. Noticing an issue with the suspension system could be any rough feelings that you are aware of when driving. If you experience more bouncing when hitting a small bump, it could indicate an issue with the suspension system. The suspension system includes the shocks, struts, and tie rods. These work together in order to prevent your vehicle from bouncing uncontrollably when you drive down the road. When the steering wheel and the bounce of the car no longer jive, then you might have a problem. As you turn a corner, the steering wheel should come back to the center point so you do not have to work it back yourself. Another problem with the suspension system is when you have noises coming from the vehicle as you go over bumps. It means the parts, such as the shocks or struts are wearing out and need to be replaced. Make sure to bring the vehicle in and we can inspect it for you. This can help you get back to a more comfortable and pleasant driving experience.

Check the Shocks on the Vehicle

The shocks absorb the shock while you drive down the road when hitting a bump. The steering in the vehicle works with the shocks to make sure the vehicle body and the engine work together. The frame may want to bounce all over, but the shocks will holds it in and keep you traveling smoothly. If you notice that the vehicle is handling poorly when you hit bumps or rough roads, the suspension may have an issue. Make sure to bring your vehicle in and we can inspect the suspension system and shocks.

Remember the Struts

The struts are tied in with the shocks on the vehicle. They work in order to keep the shocks moving up and down properly as the car travels over a bumpy road. Shocks and struts will both wear out of a vehicle over time and need to be replaced after several thousand miles. For vehicles that do a lot of driving on bumpy roads or off road dirt trails, they might need to be checked more often in order to ensure everything is in working order.

The Tie Rods are Important

The tie rods are another part to inspect. They connect both sides of the vehicle together. For example, a tie rod will connect the right side tire with the left side tire. They will move together and work independently of the front of the car. This is true even though they are all working together to move the vehicle forward. In other words, the tire in the front may be absorbing the jolt of a bump while the back tire is just driving and the people sitting inside the vehicle will not know any differently, because they are just getting a smooth ride.