To help keep your vehicle operating in the best condition, make sure to bring it in for regular maintenances. Between visits, try to avoid things that could do damage to your vehicle. Bad roads can be your wheels’ worst enemy. Bad roads can also do damage to your vehicle.


Improve the Vehicle with an Alignment

A wheel alignment ensures optimal drivability. Your vehicle will require less energy to keep going, potentially saving a ton of fuel depending on how much alignment was required. When your vehicle rolled off the manufacturer assembly line, it came preset with special angles that position your tires correctly. In order for your vehicle to travel the way it is supposed to, it will need precise alignment. Poor alignment can lead to uneven tire wear, poor handling and shorter tire life.

Tire Wear based on the Alignment

Ideally, tires should wear evenly across the tread. Uneven tire wear can also result in poor fuel mileage and more pain at the gas pump. If you do not properly maintain the tires, there will be further damage. Alignment to the tires will help them last longer as well.

Signs of Poor Alignment

If the vehicle is pulling in one direction or the other, you may need to have the vehicle aligned. Also look for any signs of uneven tire wear. If you are unsure about your current alignment, please give us a call. Tire misalignment can be so subtle that you may not even realize it.Be aware of these signs, there are some quick fixes you can try and do yourself. Remove any junk from the trunk of your vehicle. The alignment is based on tire angles, which go hand-in-hand with vehicle chassis height. Also make sure to remove any weight you do not need in the vehicle. This will help it travel smoother.