Staying safe on the road the winter means you will have to adjust your driving habits. Make sure that your bring your vehicle in on a regular basis for all the inspections. This way we can do a bumper to bumper inspection for the vehicle. If there are any issues, we can inspect it for the source of the problem. Whenever you notice anything out of the norm with your vehicle, make sure to contact us. You will want to have it inspected at the first sign. This way you can help prevent further damage and repair costs in the long run.

Safe Driving

With winter weather, remember to adjust some of your driving habits. Doing so will help you to stay safe while on the roads. The first thing to do is to slow down your speed. By slowing down, you will keep better control of your vehicle on the road. If roads are slick or ice covered, reducing your speed is the best thing to do. Drive at a speed that you feel comfortable at. If you can feel the vehicle starting to slide, slow down even more. Also remember to never have the cruise control set.


Also remember to check the weather and road conditions before you leave. Doing so will help you to be aware what you are driving in. If the weather is less than ideal, make sure to leave in plenty of time. If the roads are in poor condition, you will be able to drive slow, without being late to your destination. Remember that if there is precipitation that you will need to turn on your headlights. This way you can see the roads better. It will also help others to see you. If you notice that a headlight or taillight is out, make sure to schedule an appointment. We can inspect and repair the light for you.