When removing frost from the windshield of your vehicle, make sure that you remove all of it. Having the best visibility possible is always important. Do not just scrape a small hole for visibility. You will want the entire windshield clean and clear. This way you will be able to see those around you, reducing chance of an accident. Always take a few extra moments to clear the windshield and other windows of the vehicle. You will want to make sure to have an ice scrapper for your vehicle. This can remove the frost and ice quickly from your vehicle.

Defrost while Removing Frost

The first thing to remember is to turn on the defrost for the vehicle. This will help to warm up the windshield and remove any frost or ice from it. This can also make it easier to scrape it off too. You will want to avoid throwing hot water on the windshield, as this will actually make the windshield crack and break. You will also want to turn on the rear defrost on so you can have proper visibility.


Also remember that you will want to clear the side windows and side mirrors as well. This way you can also see behind you as you back up. Removing frost can be done fairly quick if it is early in the season. As winter goes on, you will have to remember to remove the ice and snow from the hood and roof of your vehicle as well. Keeping it clear of this can help reduce visibility for other drivers as you pass them. It is also a good idea to keep an extra scraper or two in your vehicle. That way incase one breaks, you will have a back up. If you notice the heat and defrost not working on your vehicle, schedule an appointment with us as soon as you can.