There are several parts and components of your vehicle, but the brakes are one of the most important. A light that comes on should not be ignored or forgotten about. It is important to remember if the light is blinking, you should pull over your vehicle and stop it as soon you can safely do so.


If you start to notice that the brake pedal is softer or harder than normal, make sure to schedule an appointment with us. This could mean that the brake line is slowly going out, or even an issue with the brake fluid. It is also important that the condition and thickness of the brake pads are inspected. Typically, the brake pads should be at least one quarter of an inch thick. If they are thinner than that, it is recommended to bring your vehicle in so we can replace them for you. While inspecting the brake pads, also check the brake rotors. These should have a smooth surface. If you see any deep grooves or pits, the rotors may need replacing as well.


Pay attention to any brake noises you hear or notice. Also, you will want to listen for a grinding sound. The pads have become damaged. The constant wear and friction will cause the part to wear out sooner than it typically should. This can end up costing you more in the long run. By bringing the vehicle in regularly, we can make sure the vehicle is operating efficiently for you.