Regular tire inspections are needed. Having the tires properly inspected and maintained will have several benefits for you and your vehicle. Not only will it benefit your vehicle, but it also helps you to have a smooth and comfortable ride. Since the tires are the only part to have contact between the surface of the road and your car, you will want to make sure that they are in the best condition. Always make sure to check the air inflation of them. Before taking a long trip or driving a long distance, check the air pressure. Also remember to check the air when the vehicle has been sitting for several minutes. If you check the air pressure right after driving, you could get a false reading from the heat that is built up.

Also remember to have the tires aligned regularly. That helps the vehicle to travel straight when you drive. If you notice the vehicle pulling off in one direction when you keep the steering wheel straight, it could be caused by the tires. One reason could be if the tire is low on air pressure. Another reason it pulls could be poor alignment of the vehicle. If the tires are not aligned, then the tread will wear unevenly as well when you drive. This can result in the tires to be replaced sooner than they otherwise should. If the tread wears down, then the grip on the road will decrease as well.

Regular rotations

Check the tires to see when they need a rotation. This will help the tires to wear evenly on both sides, while also keeping the rubber in the best condition. If you are not sure when a tire rotation would be needed, make sure to contact us and we can advise a schedule for you.