Owning a vehicle is one of the largest investments you can make. It is also important to have it brought it in so we can inspect it for any issues that might be causing it wear and tear. When we inspect the vehicle, we can also check the battery to ensure there is enough power. If you notice any issues with the battery, make sure to bring the vehicle in as soon as possible. Some signs of a poor battery might be if it gets harder to start each time. The battery is dependent on three main components in order to work properly. The alternator, starter, and battery terminals should all be inspected thoroughly to help ensure it is working properly. A battery that is not well-maintained will slowly do damage to other parts of the vehicle. If the engine of your vehicle is turning over but does not start, it is more than likely the battery. This is more often than not mistaken for a bad starter or alternator problem. Most of the time is the battery that does not have enough volts to have the vehicle run efficiently. Try to use jumper cables to get the vehicle running again. Make sure to have the engine run at least thirty minutes to help the battery be effective. If the vehicle cannot stay running, try to bring it in so we can inspect the battery for you.


If the lights start to go dim, it may be an indication the battery is going dead. When the vehicle does not have enough power to work the lights, crank the engine, or turn over the engine, you may need the battery replaced. It could also be a combination problem of the battery and the alternator of your vehicle. Another indication of an issue with the battery is if your vehicle starts fine once, but the next time it will not start. It could mean that the battery terminals are loose, broken, or corroded. Make sure the battery is clear of any debris and build-up. We can also inspect the battery for you to help make sure it is in the best condition possible. We can also inspect the battery posts so the connection is firm and secure.


If you have had to jump the battery in your vehicle more than three times per week, it is time to replace the battery. It is more cost efficient to have the battery replaced at the first sign of a problem. If the battery is jumped constantly, the alternator and starter may start to go bad. This can help your vehicle to be reliable when you need to drive it.