Keeping your vehicle properly maintained is important for the overall efficiency and performance of it. If you are not sure how often to bring your vehicle in, make sure to contact us and we can advise you on a schedule that is recommended. If you ever notice an issue between regular maintenance, make sure to contact us. Having the issue resolved at the first sign can help you to save time, money, and stress in the long run. By ignoring an issue, the part will have further damage done to it, as well as wear and tear to other parts.


Before you drive, make sure to inspect the tires. Each tire should be at the recommended air pressure amount. This will help the tires rotate efficiently, as well as having good fuel mileage when you drive. If you notice that a tire needs to have air replaced often, bring it in so we can inspect it for you. The tread on the tire should also be checked. The tread helps to grip the surface of the road if it is slick or wet out. Without good tread, the handling may be poor for your vehicle. It is also recommended to check the spare tire as well. If you are not sure what to inspect on the tires, you can bring the vehicle in and we can do a complete inspection of the tires for you.


You should also check the windshield wipers on the vehicle. Ideally, the wipers should be replaced twice a year. This helps to keep them fresh so they can always remove the precipitation and road grim from the windshield. If wipers are vibrating against the windshield or leaving smear marks, it may be time to have them replaced. You can bring in the vehicle and we can replace the windshield wipers. This will help improve the safety and visibility when you drive.