Potholes are present in almost every road and street no matter how well maintained they are. Spring and winter seasons, in particular are known for causing potholes. One would think that avoiding these hindrances on the road would be quite straightforward but it really isn’t. Sure, you may be able to drive away from a few of them but you are bound to hit one sometime or the other.

Once your vehicle starts coming in contact with potholes on a regular basis, it will go through a significant amount of wear and tear, leading to long as well as short term damage.

. Your vehicle will go through significant wear and tear if it hits enough paved roads, which could lead to short term and long term damage.

When and How do Potholes Develop

Potholes generally tend to develop once water goes inside the ground and gets frozen. This mostly happens in the winter season, freezing and expanding the water. Whenever this happens, the area beneath the road goes through a lot of wear and tear and it gets worse when vehicles run over the road, resulting in potholes of different sizes.

Avoiding a Pothole

As mentioned earlier, while it is relatively easy to drive around some potholes, you are bound to hit one sometime. This is because there are plenty of these holes present in places you wouldn’t expect. For all you know, the puddle ahead of you could contain a pothole large enough to damage your wheels with just one hit.

So, it would be best to remain completely cautious when driving on high traffic roads, making sure you can prevent your car from taking pothole damage. Follow the tips mentioned below to avoid running into too many potholes.

Don’t Rush

People often think that driving their cars fast could help them prevent pothole damage. This simply is not true – if anything, your car may endure more wear and tear than you initially imagined. This could result in flat tires, especially if you hit a large pothole. Therefore, it would be best to slow your vehicle down as much as possible, making sure your car remains safe from paved roads.

Don’t Hit the Brakes Too Hard when approaching a pothole

You must be very cautious when hitting your brakes near potholes. This is because hitting them too abruptly could cause your vehicle to slip. So, whether you are driving on a high traffic road or a low traffic one, ensure your speed is on the lower side.

If your vehicle has taken too much damage from potholes, make sure you take it to a professional auto repair service to increase its longevity and overall condition.