Why oil changes are important for your vehicle

Oil changes should never be ignored, or forgot about when you own a vehicle. Keeping your vehicle properly maintained is important for the overall longevity. Following regular maintenance tasks are able to help keep the vehicle operating as efficiently as possible. You can check the vehicle owner’s manual to see when certain tasks should be done for your vehicle. Tire alignments, rotations, oil changes, and inspections are needed. Also you will notice that the fluids in your vehicle may need to be changed or flushed. Oil changes should be part of this as well. The oil will help keep the engine running at the best performance it can. If you are not sure how often certain maintenance should be done for your vehicle, you can also contact us. That way we can help get the vehicle on a schedule that will help the efficiency and performance of it.

Engine Performance

Oil changes are needed in order to keep the engine operating efficiently for the vehicle. This will properly lubricate the engine so it runs smoothly. Older oil will make it difficult for the engine to operate smoothly when you drive. You may also start to hear noises or odd sounds from under the hood. If there is a clunking noise, make sure to schedule an appointment with as soon as possible. This way if there is a part that is failing, we can inspect and repair it before it becomes worse. If you ever suspect an issue, always make sure to contact us as soon as possible.

Extra Oil

Remember to have extra oil in your vehicle incase you run low when driving. That way you will be able to add some to the reservoir and reduce the chance of damaging the engine of your vehicle. If the dashboard warning light comes on, make sure to have this looked at as soon as possible. If the light starts to blink, the vehicle should be shut off as soon as you can. Then try restarting it after the vehicle has been turned off for a few minutes. If you run the vehicle without oil in it, you can end up in the engine failing.