Technician is positioning a new disc brake. Brake noise from your vehicle may mean it is time to invest in a new set of brakes

What to do about Brake Noise

When you drive, nothing gets your attention like hearing grinding or squealing brake noise. It is important to keep the brakes in the best working condition possible. This means going in for regular maintenance inspections. If you do notice an issue, make sure to contact us as soon as possible, and we can schedule an appointment to get your vehicle in. If the noise happens occasionally, make sure to take note of what you were doing when the noise occurred.

A Few Possible Causes for Brake Noise

Winter weather conditions can affect your brake pads and rotors. If the temperature is below freezing, it can cause your brakes to make grinding and squealing noises the next time you start up your car. This causes an issue as they heat up and start to operate when you are driving.

The brakes can also have rust to start and form on them. This makes them even more important to replace. You will want the brakes to be reliable when you need them. If there is an issue with how they operate you will want to make sure that you bring the vehicle in as soon as you can for an inspection. Having safe and reliable brakes is important for your your safety, the safety of the passengers, and also those who are on the road besides you.

If you make a sudden stop on snow or ice, the anti locks brakes will engage. This may make a noise as you step on the brake pedal when you drive. This is normal. If you notice the anti lock brakes do not work as they should, they will need an inspections as soon as you can bring the vehicle in. This will help the vehicle to be a safe ride when you need to get to your destination each day, or while taking a vacation.