noticingBy noticing and paying attention to the road when you drive, you will be aware of any potholes. If there are any, you will want to avoid them as much as possible. Always be aware of other traffic and drivers on the road. You will not want to swerve into their lane and cause an accident. If you cannot avoid the pothole, you will want to straddle it with the vehicle. This way you can prevent hitting it straight on. You will not be aware how deep the pothole is. The deeper it is, the more damage it can cause for your vehicle.


If you hit a pothole, even at a slower speed, make sure to get out and inspect the vehicle. Noticing any issues can help prevent further damage and costly repair bill. The tires will be affected the most when you hit a pothole. You will want to make sure to pull over when it is safe to do so, and inspect the vehicle. Check the tires for any scrapes or damage that they might have. Depending on how hard you hit the pothole, a tire could be starting to lose air already in it. You will want to contact us and schedule an appointment so we can inspect the vehicle and tires for you.


Along with tire damage, the suspension can have issues develop. You may notice some problems with the comfort of your vehicle as you drive. This is especially true when going over bumps or any unevenness of the road. If you notice this, it will only become worse with time. So make sure to schedule an appointment so we can inspect the suspension and shocks for you. We will also be able to give your vehicle a bumper to bumper inspection. Doing so will help you have a reliable and comfortable ride.