One of the biggest factors in determining if the battery will work, is what temperate the battery is exposed to. If the terminals of the vehicle are loose, the proper connection may not be made. There might also be a build up of dirt or debris that causes poor connections between the battery and the vehicle. Sometimes incomplete charging can occur, which prevents the charge from building up in the battery. Another issue of the battery not charging could be that the charge is depleted when the electrical components are used extensively in the vehicle. Running these components while the vehicle is off can also create a problem.




If the terminals on the battery are loose, it could result in a poor connection to the rest of the vehicle. It could also cause them to get dirty. This will result in not enough charge being needed by the electrical system. You may notice an issue if you hear a click when trying to turn the key in your vehicle. The terminals may need to be cleaned or tightened up on the battery.




One of the fastest ways to drain a battery is to leave on the electrical components of your vehicle. Without the vehicle running, the battery cannot charge back up. This will then cause the battery to die completely. If the poor battery charge happens too often, then a new battery may be needed in order to replace the older one that would be damaged.




Incomplete charging is a common problem with batteries. It can also occur because a variety of reasons. If you make several short trips, then the battery will not be able to charge sufficiently. Instead try to combine all the errands into one stop to help save on the battery. It can also help to save on wear and tear for your vehicle, as well as improve the fuel efficiency.