When you drive, you will never want to hear a strange or odd noise. If you notice something that sounds out of the norm, make sure to schedule an appointment with us so we can inspect the vehicle for you. If you hear an odd noise, try to notice where the sound is coming from and what you were doing when it happened. This could include applying the brakes, turning, or accelerating. By catching an issue at the first sign, you can help prevent further issues from forming later on.

Sometimes a car noise requires nothing more than a minor adjustment. Other times, however, this will call for a major repair that sets you back a few dollars. Make sure that you schedule an appointment at the first sign of an issue. Here are some common car noises you might notice.


Sizzling under the hood

Do you hear this when you shut off your vehicle? If so, it is likely related to some type of leak, such as oil or coolant. Always make sure that your fluid levels are topped off, and they are in good condition. If the oil is old, it cause parts to wear harder and against one another.


A Flapping noise you hear

This may not be the most annoying noise, but it typically means something is wrong with a belt or the fan. Either way, this type of problem will only get worse with time. Make sure to have the belts inspected on a regular basis. If a belt snaps, chances are you will not be able to drive the vehicle until it is replaced. This can also happen we wear or age for the belt.


Clunking when braking

Do you hear this noise every time you hit the brakes? Is it accompanied by a strange feeling in the brake pedal? This could be the result of a damaged brake caliper, among other problems. The best recommendation is to contact us so we can inspect the brake system for you. You will want the brakes to be in the best condition possible, so make sure to bring the vehicle in if you notice it.


You will never know the cause of a noise until you visit us and we inspect it. If your car is making a strange noise, contact us to setup an appointment. We can test drive your vehicle, pinpoint the problem, and provide a solution. This can help you to have a safe and comfortable ride.