You should never forget your kids or pets in the car, no matter what time of the year it is. If you drive and have your kids in the backseat, always remember to take them out so they are not left in the hot car. Even after a few minutes, the car can become unsafe and dangerously hot for anyone to be in it. The best protection against this accident is to make sure to scan the backset of the vehicle, to ensure kids or pets are not left behind. By always checking in the backset, you can rest assured that they are not forgotten about.

Dangerous Temperatures

When it is hot and humid, the internal temperature of the vehicle can increase substantially if the car is turned off. Even if you think you might be away for just a few minutes, it can become extremely hot and dangerous. If you are worried you might forget, write a note or set a reminder on your phone. Having a smart phone means that you can download apps to the phone. One app called kars4kids where it will alert you when kids are in the car. This is beneficial so that you will be less likely to have it slip from your mind.

Look in the Back

Also remember if you have to run errands, do so before you pick up the kids, or after you drop them off. It is always best to be safe than sorry. Keeping things in the backseat that you need to take to work is also a good way to double check. If you carry a briefcase, bag, or lunch to work, place it in the back. Once the vehicle is turned off and starts to heat up, every second counts. So make sure to do everything possible to prevent this accident from happening.