With more buses on the road because of the start of the new school year, make sure that you aware of the laws. You may know that if the stop sign arm extends from the bus, make sure to come to a full and complete stop immediately. Another sign is if you notice that the lights are flashing on the bus. This can determine when the bus is going to slow down and stop. If you are following behind the bus, you will want to leave a large amount of space. Even if there is not a kid visible getting on or off the bus, make sure to obey the laws and stop.

Driving lane

When driving in a lane that is oncoming to the bus, you will want to stop as well if the lights are flashing. Once the lights stop, the stop sign is no longer extended, and the bus starts to move, then you can continue driving. Also be aware if you are following a bus in town, it will probably be making frequent stops along the street to pick up kids. So make sure to pay attention for where the bus is so you do not run into it.

Buses should see you

To help make sure the bus driver sees you as well, drive with the lights on if it is early in the morning, later in the evening, or dark and cloudy. This way the driver can easily see you, and everyone can stay safe. If you notice the lights are no longer as bright as they used to be, contact us. We can inspect the lights of your vehicle and make sure they are aimed properly. Headlights that are not placed correctly may shine off to one side. This can also impair your visibility when you are driving as well.