The battery is an important part under the hood of your vehicle. The battery helps to send power to the alternator and the rest of your vehicle in order for it to start and operate properly. If you notice that the vehicle is slow to start or it is becoming more difficult, there could be an issue with the battery. If the battery is starting to go out, we can alert you to what the issue may be and the options you have to fix it. There are also some other tips you can do to help keep the battery lasting as long as possible.




One of the most important things you can do is to make sure the battery is clean. A dirty battery connection can weaken the charge of it. Make sure to clean away any grease, dirt, or debris build up that might be on the battery. Also check the terminals and posts of the battery. This can help to make sure the power is able to go through other parts and components with a strong current. If there is a build up of dirt and debris, it could result in a poor connection for these parts. It can also result in a poor electrical currant for the rest of your vehicle. If you notice that the lights are becoming dimmer on the vehicle, it could be an indication that there is an issue with the battery. If the battery is old, it could be wearing out.



Another important thing to look at is how secure the battery is. If the battery is lightly sitting it the spot and wiggles a lot, it could end up tipping over. A loose battery could also hit other parts of your engine. This is a problem because it could cause more issues and a costly repair bill to have it fixed. Another issue with a loose battery is that it could lead to battery acid spilling over the motor of your vehicle. Make sure to keep the battery clean so it can sit securely and correctly in place. If you suspect that the battery is loose, bring your vehicle in as soon as possible.