Keeping your vehicle maintained and safe is important. One part to check is the brake light system of your vehicle. These lights become even more important whenever you are driving at night. You will need for the other drivers to see you as you are driving down the road. You will also need to make sure that those people behind you will know when you are stopping or whenever you are making a turn. This is why it is important to know how you can change your brake lights on your own. This is a very easy process as long as you know what you are doing. After you have done it one time, you will be able to change lights in just a few minutes.


What Brake Lights work for your Vehicle

Not all brake lights are made the same. Many have been made bigger or smaller to accommodate the appearance of the brake lights on the rear of the vehicle. You can check with the auto parts store that you purchase the light from to see which one you will need. Simply tell them the make and model of the vehicle that you have and they will be able to get you the light bulb that you will need to have. You will then be ready to change out the bulb.

Removing the Old Brake Lights

The bulb is located within the bulb assembly on the vehicle. You will need to make sure that you are able to locate first which brake light needs to be replaced. When you know this, you will need to go inside of the trunk of your car. The inside panel of the trunk can be pulled back to expose the location where the brake lights are installed. You will see multiple wires coming from dome shaped surfaces. These are the wires going to the lights. Locate the one which is for the brake light you are looking to replace. In most cases you will only need to unscrew the bulb from the plate and pull it out of the dome to get at it. Simply unscrew the bulb and you are ready to install the new one.

Installing the New Brake Lights

As soon as the old bulb has been removed from the assembly, you will be able to simply screw the new bulb into place. It is best to do all of this with the battery disconnected, but it is not entirely necessary. It is just a good safety precaution since you are dealing with wires. Inspecting wires for anything exposed will determine if disconnecting the battery is necessary or not. After the new bulb has been screwed in place, put the assembly back together and put the inside panel for the trunk back in place. You will have a fully functioning light, which will promote safety and prevent you being pulled over for not having a functioning brake light. You can also bring the vehicle in and we can change the brake lights for you.