If the warning light comes on, make sure to bring the vehicle in. There could be several reasons why the check engine light illuminates on your vehicle. Major problems might need attention before you continue with your drive. Minor ones might be able to wait until there is a more convenient time to bring it in. Either way, it is important to not ignore the warning light when it comes on in your vehicle. If more than one light illuminates, make sure to bring the vehicle in as soon as possible so we can inspect it for the source of the issue.

There are makes of cars that are programmed to have lights go on after being driven for so many miles. For example, some vehicles will flash a yellow service engine light if they have not been in for a routine maintenance in 10,000 miles. When the vehicle still has not been in for service, then the light will stay on until it is serviced. Make sure to contact us, and we can schedule an appointment to ensure your vehicle is in the best condition possible.

When the engine or dash lights come on and then the engine starts to sound or drive differently, then there is a problem starting. It would be best to pull over and call a tow truck or else if you are close to home, turn around and go back. By following the suggestions of the dashboard warning lights, you can help prevent further issues and wear and tear from forming on your vehicle. If you notice any issue, make sure to bring it in so we can inspect your car for you.