These codes point to an issue with your vehicle. The issue with these codes is the sheer number of them that are programmed into the vehicle’s memory. Auto repair can be made easy, but this is contingent on the ability to translate and read the codes. The specific language that the car uses is referred to as OBD. This stands for On Board Diagnostics. OBD is a language that uses numeric codes to inform the mechanic what is wrong with the vehicle. If using an ASE master technician, they will have a specific device that is able to tap into the car’s code and tell them where to find the issue with the vehicle. You can bring the vehicle in, and we will be able to inspect the vehicle with any issues it may have.


The Numeric Codes it has

Once the device has been plugged into the vehicle, a numeric code will be displayed on the screen. This code is used in order to tell the mechanic what is wrong with the vehicle; so that troubleshooting issues becomes easier. Many times the vehicle will tell the owner there is an issue that needs to be addressed before it becomes a huge problem. It does this by setting off the check engine light when the car is first turned on. This light can indicate simple to very complex issues with the engine.

Why Regular Maintenance is Needed

Regular maintenance is important for the efficiency of your vehicle. By having the vehicle inspected, we can look for any parts or components that might be starting to fail. Noticing an issue at the first sign can help prevent further problems from forming in the future. If you choose to ignore a problem, it will increase the chance of other parts failing as well. It will also increase the chance for a costly repair bill when you have it fixed. Keeping your vehicle maintained will help the overall performance and efficiency of it. This can help prolong the life of the vehicle, as well as the parts when it operates. If you are unsure how often to bring the vehicle in, make sure to contact us. We can advise you on the correct schedule to keep your vehicle operating like new.