Knowing what to do in the case of a breakdown is important. If you get a flat tire, having the correct tools to fix the problem is important. Experiencing a flat tire for the first time can be a stressful situation. Usually you might experience pulling to one side or another or a loud thumping sound if the tire goes flat. Make sure you keep both hands on the steering wheel to ensure full control of the vehicle. Flat tires happen to individuals each day. Knowing what to do in the situation can help reduce the amount of stress you may experience. Changing a tire can be simple by knowing the right way to do things. This can help get you back on the road again to your destination.

Make sure you know where the Spare Tire is

tire-repair-3Spare tires are not always located in the same place for each vehicle. Often, the spare tires are located in the trunk underneath the carpet. The spare tire can also be found under the vehicle near the rear wheels. It may also be mounted on the back end of the vehicle. This is typically found on SUVs. No matter where the spare tire is located, it is important to make sure your spare tire is properly inflated and more importantly, make sure you have one. It is recommended to inspect the spare tire to see the overall condition when you check the regular tires. This includes looking at what condition it is in, the tread wear, and the air pressure of the tires.

Use a Car Jack to lift the vehicle

A car jack is an essential maintenance tool that should always be in the vehicle. Manufacturers provide a specific car jack for each model of vehicle they make. However, many times these jacks are not replaced when they become lost. For safety reasons, each car jack should be the appropriate type for the vehicle on which it is being used. If the jack is too small or too big it can cause damage to your vehicle and not offer sturdy enough support. The car jack is used to lift a portion of the vehicle in order for you to change or repair a tire.  Car jacks are an essential part of tire repair, but can also be very dangerous. Always place the car jack on a flat, level surface, never leave the car jack unattended, and never use it to support your vehicle overnight or for long periods of time.

Always carry a lug nut wrench in your vehicle

Lug nuts are circular bolts that are used to hold your tire in its place. Without them, your tire would wiggle and possibly even come off of the vehicle completely. Often times, lug nuts are tightened so well that it is difficult to get them off the tire in order to get it changed. This is why you should keep a lug nut wrench in your vehicle. This wrench is used to place around the lug nut and loosen the grip in order for you to get the tire off. After placing the spare tire on the vehicle, make sure to tighten the lug nuts. Then bring the vehicle in and we can inspect the tire to see if it can be repaired. This can help provide you with a pleasant driving experience.