Leaving kids and pets in hot cars can be dangerous. Even if you think that a quick trip to run in and get something from a store could be dangerous. If get distracted or start talking to someone, you may forget that you have kids or pets in the vehicle. If the temperatures outside is 85 degrees, then the interior of the vehicle can quickly become 100 degrees. Depending on how sunny it is, this could happen as quickly as ten minutes. It will become too hot for the body to regulate heat, especially for a young child. Make sure to always look in the backseat for any kids or pets when getting out of the car.


A vehicle can act more like a greenhouse. When the car is turned off, the sunlight comes through all the windows. This will then heat the vehicle up, as well as the dashboard and seats. When the dashboard and seats are warmed up, they radiate heat off as well. Since the windows are up, there will be no air circulations inside your vehicle. This will only lead to the vehicle warming up even more. Even with the windows cracked or down, the interior will become too hot to stay in. If you park in the shade, the vehicle may not get as hot as quickly, but it will still be dangerous.

Kids Summer Schedule

If you typically do not take a child to daycare, it may be beneficial to set a reminder in your phone. You could even put your work stuff in the backseat beside them, as this will help to ensure the child is not forgotten. Some newer vehicles have a feature that will alert you to any extra weight in the backseat once you open the door. This way you will not forget children, pets, or even items like groceries.