One of the most expensive procedures to have done on your vehicle is a full transmission replacement.  However, it is also one of the most important ones too.  If you have your vehicle in for scheduled maintenances and catch transmission issues early on, they can normally be fixed relatively easily and inexpensive.  If the mechanic notices your transmission is starting to fail, you will be advised of the options you have available.

What to expect if your transmission needs rebuilding

If you notice trouble with the transmission slipping gears or a slight hum from under your hood, it is time to get your transmission looked at.  Today, transmission issues offer more options then those in the years past. If your transmission issue requires more than a maintenance flush to correct the concern, you can choose to install a “remanufactured” transmission. Another option is to repair the already existing transmission for your vehicle. Our service advisors will review the pros and cons of the different options you have available to restore your transmission to proper working order.

Signs your transmission needs repairing

There are several warning signs to look for if your vehicle’s transmission is performing badly.  Regularly changing your vehicle’s transmission fluid or getting the transmission flushed helps avoid several problems. You should check with your mechanic to set up a maintenance schedule. One single mechanical failure can cause the engine to quit entirely and disable it.  It is important to take your car in if you notice any of the warning signs. If you notice your transmission slipping between gears while driving, or even popping back into neutral, this is a sign that that you need to schedule service for your vehicle. Also, you could hear unusual grinding, clunking, or humming noises, or a grinding or thumping noise when the transmission shifts. You may also notice the transmission fluid starting to smell like it is burned. A delay between gear changes and higher than normal RPM’s for any given speed also will indicate your transmission has issues. If problems are caught early enough, many times only minor repairs will be needed, helping to save your transmission as well as saving you money.

Tips to keep your transmission running smoothly

One key thing to do is to make sure you get your vehicle in for it’s scheduled maintenances.  Also make sure to check the fluid levels regularly; it is quick and easy to check.  When you check the fluids, the first thing to notice is the amount in it.  If you notice that you have to keep adding transmission fluid, it is likely there is a leak somewhere.  You will also want to make note of how it smells. Also note if there is any color change to the fluid.  If you notice either smell or color change, it is time to have your transmission fluid changed.  Having the scheduled maintenance of changing your transmission fluid according to the manufacturers mileage intervals will help keep your transmission in the best condition possible.