The radiator is important because it helps to keep the vehicle cool. As the vehicle overheats, it could indicate an issue with the radiator or other parts. Proper maintenance will help keep these parts working the best they can. Make sure that you bring the vehicle in and we will inspect it for you. Even if you think it is not a major issue, a minor issue can become something worse with time.


Remember that the thermostat should be inspected. With age this will start to have signs of damage and also an issue. Sometimes the vehicle will act like it is overheating, but really it is a thermostat that has failed. The hoses should also be inspected to ensure they are in proper condition. Based on a schedule, they will need to be replaced so they can keep the efficiency of the vehicle at peak performance.



If you notice that your vehicle is overheating constantly, make sure to schedule an appointment as soon as you can. This is important because if you vehicle starts to overheat, it could be doing more damage than you might realize. If it is ignored, it may cost you more time, money, and stress in the long run. It can also help to keep your vehicle lasting as long as possible.