The struts on the vehicle are an important part, but they are most often overlooked until they are needed. The struts help to prevent you from bouncing over every bump in the road, while also helping you control the vehicle. The struts are also a vital component for the suspension system. They should be checked on a regular basis and replaced when necessary. The springs, shock absorbers, and other parts work together to help give you and your passengers a smooth ride. If you notice the vehicle does not absorb the bumps, even the small ones, make sure to bring your vehicle in so we can inspect it for any issue.



The springs on the vehicle help carry the weight of it. It typically adapts to the various road surfaces you drive on by compressing and rebounding. While it does this, it moves the vehicle’s frame and body with it. This is done so you do not feel the bumps in the road. The shock absorber will absorb the majority of the movements of the spring, so you feel less of the bumps you drive over. A small bump will be hardly noticeable, while hitting a large bump or pothole may be felt only slightly.



When the struts start to wear out, it will be noticeable. If the springs wear out, the normal cycles of compressing and rebounding over bumps will not occur as normal. You will feel more of the bumps and your ride will be less smooth than it used to. With some road conditions, the undercarriage of your vehicle may hit the road or dirt, which can also cause damage to your vehicle. If the springs are working properly but the shock absorbers are not, you will also be able to feel a difference. The vehicle will bounce up and down with every little change or bump that is in the road. The vehicle may also sway as the struts start to wear out. This is because the frame and body are no longer being properly supported.



Worn struts on your vehicle can also affect the tires and steering. The suspension system helps to keep the tires on the ground as you drive over bumps. Without proper springs, as you go over bumps you may notice more motion and bouncing. There is also a chance that the tires could come off the ground as you go over the bumps. This can cause irregular wear on your tires, which can lead to them needing to be replaced sooner than they should. The steering can also be affected as the suspension system parts start to wear out. As you go over bumps with worn struts, it may also make it hard to control your vehicle. By having your vehicle in regularly for inspections, you can help ensure a pleasant driving experience.