Having the best visibility possible when you drive is important. This way you can see the road ahead of you, as well as anyone around you. Have you ever been caught out in a rainstorm, driving home late at night, in the dark, only to find that the windshield wipers cannot get your line of vision cleared well? It might have been time to replace the blades a few weeks ago, but you simply did not take the time. Now you are regretting it because the road is hard to see and it only seems to be getting worse. There are some things you can do to increase the visibility when you drive.


Signs the Windshield Wipers should be Replaced

Unfortunately, if you are out on the road in a storm, then your options are limited. If you have time to stop at an auto parts store and get the correct model of replacement, then by all means pull over and get inside to the shop. If it is after hours or you are under time restraints and cannot afford to stop, you will just have to do as well as you can, lower your speed and stay focused on the road until you do get home or it stops raining. To prevent this from happening again, have your wiper parts checked out each time you have an oil change or go in for maintenance on the car or truck. We can look at the condition of the plastic and tell if it is aging by the cracks or condition of the rubber edge. If it has been several months since your last change, then it might be worth it to invest the money in getting new replacement blades so you don’t have an issue in the rain the next time.

Know the Windshield Wipers for your Vehicle

You will need to make sure the windshield wipers are the proper ones for your vehicle, and can handle the climate. It is recommended that the wipers be changed twice a year. This is once before summer and once before winter. This way you can clean the windshield efficiently with new wipers. If you start to notice there are cracks or tears in the wipers, make sure to bring the vehicle in so we can inspect them for you. This way you can have them in the best condition possible when they will have to be used.

Contact us if you are Unsure about the Windshield Wipers

If you do not know what type of blade replacements to put on your vehicle, make sure to contact us. The vehicle does have a specific size to follow, and then you can see what options in that size are available. Trucks that go out mudding in the field might want the widest blade on the market to get the mud off fast. Vehicles that do not see much driving in rain or snow might only want skinny blades that work in the rare event of moisture coming down.