When you are driving, you will want to always drive as safe as possible. In the winter, make sure you take the proper precautions when driving on roads that are less than ideal. The first thing to do is to drive slowly on the roads. Doing so will help you to keep control of the vehicle when the roads are ice or snow covered. Driving at a speed that you are comfortable at will help to increase the safety when you drive as well. You will want to leave plenty of space from the vehicle in front of you. This will help to be prepared if the vehicle in front of you has to stop suddenly. It will allow you more time to brake as well. Always make sure to be aware of those around you too.

Checking tires

When you get ready to drive, make sure that you check the tires. You will want to make sure that there is enough air in them. Tires that are over or under inflated can be more prone to damage. Having the proper amount of air in them will help them to provide a comfortable ride for you. In the winter, tires can loose air pressure quicker than the rest of the year. Since this happens, always make sure to check the tires frequently. Also you will want to check the air pressure before you drive, or awhile after driving. If you check it right after driving, the tires are warm and can provide a false reading.

Don’t slam on the brakes

Also, remember not to slam on your brakes on ice. Doing so can result in the vehicle sliding or not being able to stop properly. Instead, you will want to pump the brakes in order for you to stop properly. If you know a stop sign or stop light is coming up, start slowing down before you get there, so you are able to stop and avoid an accident.