power steering


The power steering is important for your vehicle. It helps how your vehicle handles. As you turn, it uses hydraulic or electric power to turn the wheels. If this goes out, you will notice that it is more difficult to turn and handle the vehicle. While this can be a complex system, it is always recommended that you bring the vehicle in so we can inspect the power steering for you. By doing so, we can help ensure the vehicle is in the best condition possible. We can also recommend a maintenance schedule for you.

Power steering pump

The pump can move the fluid up to 100 times atmospheric pressure when it operates. With high pressure, it moves the fluid through hoses. It goes from one side to the other side of the steering system. This also helps the tires go from one side to the other when you are turning a corner, or even just turning the steering wheel of the vehicle. If the steering becomes difficult to turn, there could be an issue with the power steering pump.

Why it fails

The power steering can fail from numerous reason. The first is fluid loss. This can happen slowly or very suddenly. It results in the leak from the system, leading the pump failing over time. You may also lose power of the power steering because of engine failure. The steering system may also start to fail over time as well. You will notice the steering going out because you will not be able to turn or steer easily. If you notice this issue, make sure to schedule an appointment so we can inspect the vehicle for you. We will also be able to check the power steering and all the components to ensure they are working correctly. Having it repaired as quickly as possible will help prevent further damage in the long run to your vehicle.