Metal fitted around wooden wheels was used before rubber was invented. This helped to reduce wear and tear. In the 1800’s the first tire was actually made of rubber. This was a new development in the version of tires. These were sold as cushion tires. The rubber would typically carry the load while also absorbing shocks. Over time, the rubber tires increased in popularly and many people wanted them over what was the traditional tires at the time.


Tires are now used with synthetic and natural rubber. This also include fabric and wire. There is carbon black and other chemical compounds in them as well. The tires are also more efficient now than they used to be. There has been a development to ensure the tread has been improved for the handling and condition of the tires. The tread provides traction while the body provides the area necessary to hold the compressed air. Goodyear produced a radial tire in 1977. This was huge because they invested billions of dollars in radial technology, which was new at the time. Other American tire companies either merged or were bought out. All American new cars came with radial tires by 1983. Now days there over a billion tires being produced. This is from over 400 tire factors that produce them.