During regular maintenances, make sure to remember to inspect the spare tire of your vehicle. Although it is not commonly used, it is important to have the spare tire in the best condition possible. If one of the regular tires becomes flat or blows out, you will have to rely on the spare tire. The spare tire can help you to reach the destination where the regular tire can be fixed. It is recommended to check the spare tire at the same time as the regular tires. The same maintenance should be done on the spare tire as well. This can help it to be in the best condition possible for when you might need to use the spare tire. It can also help you to be prepared in any circumstances and conditions that might come up.

The Air Pressure should be at the proper amount

Besides checking the air pressure in the regular tires, also make sure to check the air pressure in the spare tire. The last thing you would want to happen is to pull out the spare tire and notice that it cannot be used as well. Since the spare tire is typically smaller, the same amount of air should not be in it as the other tires have. The vehicle owner’s manual can also have the correct amount of air that spare tire would need. If you notice that you have to add air to the spare tire consistently, it may indicate there is a leak in it. If there is a leak on the tire, make sure to bring the vehicle in. We can inspect the spare tire and advise a solution to fix it. This can help to provide you with a safe and reliable spare tire for when you might need to use it.

Check the condition of the Spare Tire

When inspecting the spare tire, also make sure to check the condition of it. It will need to be inspected for any signs of cracks or punctures. If the tire is not used, it could develop dry rot with age. Make sure that the tire is in the best condition. If the spare tire is quite old and is in less than ideal condition, bring it in so we can inspect it. It may be time to invest in a new spare tire. This can also help to ease your mind if you need to use the spare tire unexpectedly. Also make sure the spare tire is easy to access. If it is on hinges on the back of the vehicle, make sure the tire would be easy to remove.

Know how to drive on a Spare Tire

Driving on a spare tire is much different than driving on regular tires. A spare tire is designed to only have you travel to a place to have the other tire fixed. The spare tire is not meant to be a permanent tire or solution. It is recommended to travel only fifty miles on the spare tire. When driving, it is also advised to drive no faster than fifty miles per hour. This is because the spare tire is generally smaller than the regular tires. If you have to drive on a spare tire, you should consider using back roads. You can also drive on roads that have less traffic so you do not interfere with the normal speed of traffic.