Having each fluid inspected on a regular basis for the vehicle is important. If you are not sure what fluids should be checked or the correct amount, schedule an appointment. Giving the vehicle a bumper to bumper inspection will help improve the efficiency of it, as well as the dependability. When driving, there are certain fluids that will be needed in order for the vehicle to operate correctly. Without them, you will increase the chance of damage happening to the vehicle and parts under the hood.

Washer Fluid

Make sure that you check the windshield washer fluid. Especially in the fall and winter, the washer fluid is important. It will help you to remove road grime and dirt from the windshield of your vehicle. Without it, you may end up with smears or dirt marks on it. This will then cause issues for your visibility as you drive. You will also want to check the brake fluid of the vehicle. Without brake fluid, the brakes will not work correctly. If you start to notice the brakes are not working as efficient as they otherwise should, make sure to schedule an appointment with us. We can check the brake system, rotors, and even the brake fluid of the vehicle.


You should always follow the oil change schedule for your vehicle as well. The oil helps to keep the engine clean and properly lubricated. If the oil is old, it will cause strain and stress on the engine. This can lead to the engine going out sooner than it otherwise should. If you are not sure of when the oil change schedule should be, contact us. You can also look in the owner’s manual of the vehicle to see when it is recommended. This way you can help your vehicle run smoothly and keep it reliable on the road.