Everything You Need to know about the Magnuson Moss act

The Magnuson Moss Warranty Act is often cited as one of the main reasons why dealers must cover a particular part. This can be a failure in a modded or modified car. The question that most car enthusiasts often seem to ask is what happens to the warranty of the product which they bought and then modified that product. Fortunately, the law can help consumers like these. But it is due to lack of awareness and the confusion in this area that invoke the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act.

What is the Magnuson Moss Act?

According to the Act, an automobile manufacturer cannot void your vehicle warranty due to the installation of aftermarket parts. Unless the aftermarket part that caused the vehicle failure or contributed to it (15 U.S.C. 2302 (C)). This implies that the warranty cannot be “voided” if the dealer has no claim. Also, that the stock part failed to perform for unreasonable reasons. A general understanding of the Act is that the law was actually intended for people modifying cars. Also, ones that were getting their cars serviced outside of dealerships. Dealerships were attempting to void the warranty to put all the liabilities on the customer’s head. The reality is that a manufacturer cannot its warranty contingent on you using their parts.

If you purchase a vehicle from one dealership, you are not bound to get the oil changed from the same dealership. You can get the car serviced from any other dealership as long as they are using the appropriate parts.


History of It

For people who don’t know, the Act was originally passed by two guys named Magnuson and Moss, who were the two primary sponsors of the bill. The bill was an attempt by Congress in Washington DC to put some emphasis into warranty laws. The law is comprehensive and covers a variety of things. The Federal Trade Commission oversees the Act. The Act basically addresses the myth that “modding your ride with aftermarket accessories automatically cancels your warranty.”

Benefits You Should Know

Some of the key benefits of the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act are:

  • The Act provides for Attorney Fees for any Breach in the implied warranty. (Even if there is no written warranty)
  • Magnuson Moss written warranties may exist even if the court finds no express warranty in existence
  • The Act also applies to leases
  • The Magnuson Moss Warranty Act gives the consumer more control over whether an action is heard in the Federal Court or the States Court
  • Magnuson Moss Warranty Act does not require notice of a breach
  • Magnuson Moss Warranty Act has no explicit statute of limitations


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