Your vehicle will have to be in the best condition in order to operate at top efficiency levels when you drive. When you go to regular maintenance inspections, we can inspect the parts and components for you. Having a bumper to bumper inspection is important for the overall condition and efficiency of your vehicle. Between visits, make sure to be aware of anything that might be out of the norm for your vehicle. This could include noises, smells, or even how the vehicle handles when you drive. Make sure to schedule an appointment when you notice something, that way we can repair it as soon as possible.

Oil Change

You will want to remember to have the oil changed based on the schedule. The oil will lubricate the engine so it operates smoothly and efficiently. The engine needs oil so it can move and operate smoothly with the gears. Without oil, the parts will wear and cause strain against one another. When this happens, it can do damage to the engine. You may also notice odd noises or grinding sounds from under the hood. Make sure to never let the oil get too low or empty, as this causes the engine to fail.

Tire Care

Now is a great time to do an inspection of the tires on your vehicle. The tires should be free of any damage, bulges, or uneven tread wear. Check the inflation so they are all at the proper amount. If a tire is too low, then it can increase the chance that it blows. Also remember to check the tread wear of each tire. Sometimes you may notice uneven tire wear. If this is the case, then a tire rotation could be beneficial. This rotates the tires so that other parts of the tread can wear down for you. No matter what question you have about the vehicle or tires, make sure to contact us.